meet our founder

My name is Jo-Anne and I started Kaz & Cox (formally Eloise Homeware) in August 2021 after losing my job during the pandemic in 2020.

Kaz & Cox was birthed out of my frustration of not being able to find interior pieces that looked luxurious without bleeding my bank account dry.

Everything I saw that was affordable more often than not the same old boring stuff and I wanted something a little different.

I started by dipping my hand into the world of wax melts and quickly found that mass produced, store melts (and candles) did not compare to the ones I had made.

They actually had a scent and the fragrance lasted more than one burn – I knew I was onto something.

As things progressed I moved on to candles and, as they say, the rest is history! All of our candles and melts are handmade in London in small batches to make sure they are made to the highest standard.

Shortly after we were able to expand our range to decor and accessories to help cater to all aspects of someone’s home.

If you’re looking for highly scented home fragrances that won’t give you a headache and are carefully handmade in London from pouring to labelling. Kaz & Cox is here for you.

Why not join me on this crazy entrepreneurial journey? Find us on TikTok & Instagram.

luxury scented candles handmade in London


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